Living Non-violence Sign

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Peace-signSaturday the 4th of October, the Kilkenny group of the World March for Peace and Non-violence gathered at Canal Square to mark the beginning of the biggest peace march in history.

We know it is time for peace, but still there is so many wars around the world, that the task seems overwhelming. What can I do? Well first of all it is importent to keep peace in your own life. Go out today and forgive a family member or buy flowers for your neighbour. Be at peace with your self and be aware to pass it on.

Always expect the very best in every person, including the ones that would agitate you or caused you trouble in the past. Give them a chance they only do the best they can.

”Don’t let life discourage you, everyone who got where he is, had to start where he was.”Ralph Waldo Emerson

Life is good. And peace is within and all around me.                


World March for Peace and Non-violence

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peace march

a picture for you

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just coming from yoga, wondering what yoga has to do with jewellery, a lot of my designs spring into my mind in deep relaxation, they stay with me for a few days, grow until they urge me to make them. Manifest them into the now.

Visual Carlow

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Liliring, 18ct gold ring set with princess and round diamondThere was’nt an official opening yet, but you can see the Liliring and the new Sunstone collection in the Visual contemporary Gallery/ George Bernard Shaw Theater in Carlow town, wich is positioned right beside the College.

Hello everybody

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it has been a long time, I know, but I am back, back with full strength new ideas and a lot to tell you about, Gemstones, Gold, the journey of water, my own journey and hopefully you tell me of your journey or story’s that have happened to you, since you are wearing jewellery made by me.

Peace and Love Friederike


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Friederike loves to bring joy

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She creates  jewellery that reflects the inner beauty of the person often people are moved deeply  when they receive a piece

Jewellery as unique as you

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I had a dream, to make jewellery that empowers you in your life every day, so you have the strength to walk your path with joy.

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