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For everyone : I am fully equipped for the divine plan of my life.

I had the great pleasure to see the Michael Jackson movie, only to realize how gentle and fragile he was as a human. A powerhouse with very high sensitivity, a perfectionist with the knowledge of all his songs, every little note every move he had in his head, he had known the way it was ment to be and he didn’t settle for any less.

The amazing costumes, that where specially made for the upcoming tour, with handpicked Gemstones sparkling all over; different shapes pushing boundaries and abilities of materials and makers.

He had the vision and his fan’s supported them. 

I have two albums, I bought in the eighties as LP’s would you believe, my children would think I am ancient.

With all the greatest songs and hit’s he had, I specially liked “The Man In The Mirror”, there is a deep truth in it!

And I think that is, what Michael Jackson was all about.

Great news from Kilkenny

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I am learning about blogs today, to give you more interesting news.

Or more so how to do it in a better way. My news will be mine as always.

Have fun today, love Friederike

Tourmaline and Diamond Necklace 14ct yellow gold

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Going with the water theme, is the watery tourmaline necklace, balancing the emotions in the forever repeating circle of life.Petrol Tourmaline and Diamond Necklace


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Since it is raining a lot this week, with floods rising all over Ireland, and we are in the star sign of  Scorpio, one of my great teachers, I like to dedicate this weeks post to WATER.

May everybody find the right balance and come into right relationship with this element, on a spiritual, emotional and physical level.

Water is one of the most important elements on this earth, without clean water we would not survive. Just keep that in mind, if you feel very gloomy about the rain. It is also important to have the right balance.

Do start with giving love and gratitude to Water, it might stop raining.

As Dr Masaru Emoto has proven in his books “Messages from Water” Water has memory. HADO creates words, words are the vibrations of nature, therefore beautiful words create beautiful nature, ugly words create ugly nature, this is the root of the Universe. This is true for thoughts too by the way.

On his recent journey to Ireland Masaru Emoto blessed the water here, with a very simple blessing, that you can do at home whenever you feel like, or when you are in contact with water. It will improve the quality of the water and therefore your own quality of life.


    Are all



                  Resonating…….. I love you Water. Thank You.Masaru Emoto Message from WaterCheck out Masaru Emoto’s childrens project:

Friederike’s dream

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very-berry-ring18ctgoldThe Dream

A Fairy Queen came to me last night, swirling whirling surrounded by shiny sparkling dust, she planted a seed in my dream, to grow a tree a magic tree that holds more than a thousand gems like fruits to pick, Gemstones with colours and shapes to resonate with each soul on earth.

I can see the precious metal and design that surrounds and embeds each stone jumping off the tree one at the time magically coming through my hand into our reality. The newborn Jewels are flowing into the here and now singing the song of life, freeing humanity from all burdens and welcoming the receiving one into living their dream on earth.

Being part of that promise, jewellery just manifests before my eyes so many designs, all different all so unbelievably beautiful I am in awe with the gracefulness of each composition some simple some pieces very in tricked  some strong bold shapes others filigree and light like the fairy queen herself.

This tree will stay in my heart were it will be nurtured until you are ready.

Trust for your piece is there, waiting to be picked by you from that magic tree. It could move you a step or a 1000 miles, but be sure to come closer to equilibrium, happiness, in your life and that of earth.

Nature and the fairy kingdom waited for that moment a long time, wake up and take care of yourself, listen to the flow of a river, the flow of life.

And see the Fairy Queen watering the magic tree with golden stars of the heavens firmament, feel the abundance and the alluring beauty of all life.

Blackberries are ripe

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Fresh Fruit Rings

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Now you see the first pictures of my BlackBerry Rings wireless handheld devices, completely without any apps, I am afraid, just for fruity fun.

They come in 925/- Sterling Silver polished or oxidized, also set with different gemstones depending on your mood or wardrobe.

Prices range from Euro 120- 250 or more if you go for the deluxe Diamond option. They are chunky little Berries around 20 grams and I also like the combination with 750/-=18ct gold. Have a look for yourself and freshen up your day with a piece of fruit.


Two exciting exhibitions

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Tunde Toth’s exhibition ”land-scripts” new work in paper and fibre art, is opening Friday 30th of October at 6pm

in the Arts Office at no.76 John Street, Kilkenny.

Tunde will also hold a talk about her visit to Tasmania, where she was invited to the 20th Congress of the International Association of Hand Papermakers and Paper Artists. Friday 6th November at 1pm

When you have learned all about that, you have a few hours to get ready for Julie Cusack’s opening at the Shanti Art Gallery, where you can admire Julie’s latest work, surrounding the work in the Shanti School of Yoga.

I am very excited about that one, since I got a glimpse of the process and the one or other unfinished piece. Well done Julie it was a big journey, I cant wait to see your work all up on the walls. It will be amazing.

The Exhibition runs until December 16th 2009 and Gallery hours are Thursday, Friday and Saturday 2.00-5.00pm       

                                                                                                                                                                     Sunday 12.00-5.30pm

also check out or phone: 056-7703383

Julie’s art a must see in Kilkenny soon!!!

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Julie's art


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New jewellery designs coming soon, worth a look? come back in november

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