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This year the Oscars are very close to my heart, Aisling the Fairy from the film “Secret of Kells” flew in form of a necklace to Los Angeles, I made this piece specially for Tomm Moore’s wife Liselott to bring over the ocean.

Let the Fairies play with the Angels, hopefully it will bring them good luck this Sunday too.

More Berry Rings

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Faith is to believe what we do not see, and the reward of faith is to see what we believe.
Saint Augustine

Keep the faith and thoughts positive, to have positive events attracted to you. Live is great.


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This is my personal favourite made by the Midlands Prison-Rose of Hope.

My children were really excited to sign the Kilkenny Angel, they found friends signatures and also had great fun reading the “go on, go on, go on, on Pauline McLynn, Mrs Doyle’s Angel. The Messengers certainly brought smiles and fun into our family. Go and visit them to see what they are doing to do to you.

or check out: http://www.angelsbeaconsofhope.ie

Angels in Kilkenny

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Visit the exhibition of hope in the Castle Park, Kilkenny.

Angels as Beacons of hope, one more beautiful then the other.

We had snow

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It is the 14th of January and I like to send Happy Birthday wishes to my neighbour and good friend Carsten, back home in sweet Winnigstedt, Germany. Alles Gute fuer dich und viel Glueck im neuen Lebensjahr. 

Before the snow is completely gone, this is our snowman, that lived here in Burnchurch.

I know they laugh in Germany about the amount of snow we had, but I loved it and I even went ice-skating with John and Finn.

Now I am glad it is gone, just left with some snowy memory’s.And new stock in “red aesthetic”, I love the oval-shaped Agate beads, they look like Lavastone, but are much more resistent. This necklace has a front clasp, which is very easy to open and close.

And more BlackBerry rings…..Have fun, stay warm.xxx

Happy Christmas

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I am wishing you a very happy Christmas, with all your wishes come true, a warm heart and all the wonderful things and moments life has to offer. Enjoy every moment of your beautiful manifestation.

Jack Frost is here

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Since I live here in this beautiful little country, I am wishing for a Christmas market and a white Christmas. The market nearly, so very nearly came true this year, watch the spot with a bit of luck next year we will have our very own here in Kilkenny.

Selling wooden toys and Christmas stars, angels, tin wind up toys and cribs. All in the Christmas smells of Cinnamon, Cloves, fat baked sweets, mince pies and Christmas cake, enjoying mulled wine sensibly, chatting with your friends, while the children with big eyes have a go on the magic karussell. Christmas is coming.

And a thousand fairy lights bring sparkle to your eye, light up the early evenings, create peace for you on holy night.

Oh how I miss those markets!!!

But there is still hope for a white Christmas, this could be the year, keep your fingers crossed.

red aesthetic

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a little addition to my post from yesterday, from tomorrow my jewellery will be stocked in Kilkenny again, the BlackBerries and the Fairy Bells can be seen and bought in 2 Rose Inn Street Kilkenny. Cant wait to see what you think.

Lots of love Friederike

Positive thinking

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Just coming back from Artist meeting are you waiting for my Thursdays post?!  The fairy’s and elves are extremely busy, will have more pictures soon, for now I leave you with my thought for the week:

Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss it you will land among the stars.             Les Brown

New jewels for you

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Was bringing newly made Jewellery to the DesignYard in Dublin yesterday, they stock the more high-end jewellery for me, all 18ct gold, it is my favorite too. Their website is under construction so have a look here:I also got to like very chunky Sterling Silver Rings, I wrote about the BlackBerries before they wear very well, here are two different ones, an unusual one with green Amethyst and a similar shape with a 18ct yellow gold dome, if it wasn’t for the weight you wouldn’t feel them at all, they are so round. This new collection starts from Euro 120.

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