Spirit Sun Citrin

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Keep your spirit high and let the sun shine from your heart.

Happy Halloween

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Today the veils between the worlds are very faint, take time to meditate, find help and inspiration from your ancestors and angels.

For me October brought a big clearing of the second orange chakra, I celebrate my new expanded self with pumpkin soup and move on to the yellow, bringing creativity into direction, letting the sun shine from within.


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We are working our way up, through chakras, years, dimensions…, collecting experiences and creating our life, our dream. All is well.

Be grounded in Love

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It is the chance for one of my clients, to show his romantic site to his partner. He brought back the stone from India, now he decided to get a pendant made. The Garnet Heart is opening the Human Heart to be able to experience true feelings.

Garnet as a base chakra stone bringing grounding and stability.

Coming home

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Threefold reality

Coming home to Ireland

We are back! Settled back to magic Ireland, ready for the next adventure, embracing the now, also a coming home to myself bringing my essence seeing it in a new light and refining it. 

Wasn’t it great to get the sun yesterday, today looks to be beautiful too, I just love that feeling of heat on my skin, its pure happiness.

My ring just had a Baby

June 30, 2010 at 15:33 | Posted in gemstones, silver | 1 Comment

With the help of ancient technique I was able to cast my own ring, that was needed in a smaller size.

It actually looks like my green Amethyst ring had a Baby. Oh so cute. My fingers are sore from drilling and milling the setting for the stone, but I absolutely adore the smell, when I pour the liquid Silver into my Cuttlefish (Sepia Officinales)form. Must be a past life or something.

Anyway had lot’s of fun doing that technique again, remember how versatile Jewellery making is. It is nice to be independent from casting companies and also it was a quick birth.

My ring just had a Baby

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Silver Baby

KSP Art’s for All Day

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Today was Art’s for all Day in the KSP primary school and it was a super fun-filled day with lots of music, colours, clay and amazing, interesting new and old technic’s ideas and understanding of Art and Craft’s.

I did a Jewellery workshop connected to the Sustainable Future exhibition, the children brought in old broken things, shells, super heros, stones, that they then turned into nice wearable pieces of Jewellery, I had great patient helpers, thank you, we recycled, upcycled and reused. Here is a selection of the amazing creativity of first and third class.

Sustainable Futures

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With three artists from Kilkenny Tunde Toth/Silk Fibre, Paper; Rebekah Patterson/Hat’s; Friederike Grace/Jewellery.

The Sustainable Future exhibition will run from 22nd of March- 30th of April in Limerick City Gallery and will be open to the public every day. The exhibition will celebrate the works of Irish based artists that  incorporate the concetpt of sustainability into their work. http://gallery.limerick.ie/Exhibitions/FutureExhibitions/

Stay Green

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Now that Patricks Day is over, I like to hold on to the ”GREEN”, the green that opens your heart, the green that we forget about sometimes living on this beautiful Island.

You can bring green into your life every day in form of gemstones and experience the healing effect they have on you very suttle working away without you noticing.

Emerald comes to mind first, being the most famous and also very precious variety of green, but there is also Tourmaline one of my own favorites, because of its amazing colour spectrum, Diopsid, Dioptas, green Garnet like Tsavorit, Demantoid and Uwarowit and the more apple green of Peridot, Hiddente, Beryl(Heliodor), Fluorite, Prasiolith a green Quarz and the more opaque versions like and Aventurine, Prasem, Chrysopas, Jade, Malachite, Moosagate, very rare are green Diamonds and green Saphierres(low iron content) they can be very high in price. You can find something green in every price range, and wear it in a piece of jewellery or carry a nice shaped gemstone in your pocket.

Be brave go green.having fun at work

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