Happy Easter

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Wishing you all a beautiful renewed time, with lots of colour and sunshine. Happy Easter.

The Bull

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This piece 18ct gold Bull, on oxidized silver is a commission from my sister Doris, for her partners birthday and it is not Spain he loves, it is a certain type of Whiskey, can you guess which?
Alles Gute zum Geburtstag Max.
Wir haben gestern ein Eis auf dein Wohl gegessen, hoffe der Stier war nicht in Kampf Stimmung und deinem Kopf geht es heute gut. Alles Liebe F&Co.

The Bull

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Arts for All Day 2011

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An other amazing day has passed, candles, celatape sculptures, printing, music, yoga, easter deco, art, art, art, is’nt it a great school?!!!

arts for all day 2011

Flowers with skill for life…

a picture for you

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Ringlein erzaehl mir …

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Pale Amethyst and sunset Tourmaline what do you feel?

Colourful Opal

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Here some Opal pieces, Opal is very brittle and a bit sensitive to heat and sun light, but it’s amazing colours make it one of my favourite stones, natures creativity at it’s best.

Love the new year

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When the Heart is open the Lotus will blossom

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Froehliche Weihnachten

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Happy Christmas to all Clients, Friends and Family thank you for expanding my consciousness beyond believe, helping me through challenging times, now emanating the limitlessness of the Universe and loving every minute of it.


May 2011 bring you, your hearts desire, keep up the smiles and life live to the full.

With an open heart love to all,



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