Happy New Year 2012

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ImageI made this necklace before Christmas, looking back on a Lady’s life, showing her some of her life’s achievements and including talents and soul gifts into the pendant.

It made me feel very happy, it felt like an amazing power pendant and it gave me the present of contentment and really looking forward to 2012.

Seeing all the little things, moments, gifts and passions that make up your special personality. Wishing you to embrace them and really live life to the full in love, health and happiness for 2012.

So happy Sun Solstice

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Let there be lightWishing you all the sun rising in your heart, for a beautiful, light new year.

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Gemstone, Diamond, Beach Pebble or the Rock in a field, soak up their energy and listen to what they have to say.

Stones of Power

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cattle in Burnchurch Co. Kilkenny

Junes favourite stone is Garnet

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Now Garnet is the birthstone for January, but this month all I seem to do is Garnet jewellery, the nation is getting grounded. Garnet is a great stone for the base chakra. Helping you to stay centered and bring passion into your life.

This ring and necklace were upcycled the Diamonds and the ring stone taken from old jewellery of the costumer and made into this new set with a fresh design. I was particular happy to have a garnet that matched the ring stone, to match coloured stones is not always easy or even possible.

Let the passion flow.

Eigse is on

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Hello all,

this weekend Carlow’s Eigse is off to a good start. I have a little Jewellery installation in the Visual, ” Home sweet home” a little taste of my new work for Art’s week this August in Kilkenny.

So love to hear your feed back xxx Friederike

Drawing Day 2011

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Castle Park 2011

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Castle Park 2011

drawing day

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We had a great time today in the Castle Park thanks to all the volunteers, the Organizers and sponsors a brilliant day to be in Kiklkenny. The boys loved it. And so did I.castle park 2011

Sea life

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Treasures from a day at the sea, Finn loved those  fingernail shells.

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