We are back!!!

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Back from the home land, filled up with love and laughter, my families rooted strength to keep going and a lot of new ideas.Image

I was surprised to see somebody had been very busy working at my workbench.

ImageHope the little spiders and my ideas wont clash to much.



7 days left for Arts Week

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All work is done, just enjoying the boys holidays, before it gets busy next week again with the Arts week set up. Enjoy the summer.


Touching Gold

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after a long spell of working in silver now some gold pieces to show!


International Day of Music

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I invite you as well to play some music with my silver instruments. They will be shown in Good’s Kilkenny the 21st of June.

First Earring Workshop

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Big thank you to Elinor who made it all happen.

Here again those wired and wonderful facts about earrings: Ear piercing is one of the oldest forms of body modification. Well recorded in ancient Egypt and Persia.

Other early evidence is a biblical record in Exodus 32 1-4, when the Israelites demand that Aaron make a god for them while Moses is on mount Sinai. Aaron commanded them to bring their son’s and daughter’s earrings and other gold jewellery.(ca 1500BC)

Among sailors it was a sign, they had crossed the equator or sailed around the world. Also a gold earring was worn as payment in the event they might drown at sea and get washed on land to buy them a proper burial.

German trades men wear one earring they get on finishing their apprenticeship and go on the journey. If they fall out with the law the earring get ripped out for everybody to see they are not trust worthy. Hence the name “Schlitzohr”.

In a lot of countries it is still tradition to this day to pierce girls ears in the first few weeks after birth.

So enjoy your earrings studs, dangling, silver, gold, with or without gems, or any other way. Have fun.

Tomorrow morning grand opening

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Duckett’s Grove here I come, if you like to join me, it’s an early one 9.15am. Phil Hogan, T.D. is the keynote speaker for the opening of Duckett’s Grove Design, Craft & Gift Emporium.

Post aus meiner Kueche

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Here a picture from my exchange partner Sandra’s chocolates, I must admit I could not help myself, I had eaten a few before I took the photograph. Sorry.

Here a link for all the other exchanges: http://pinterest.com/postausmeinerku/schokoladiges/



More Chocolate

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Chocolate exchange

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An initiative of three German girls, exchanging our best loved chocolate recipes and sending the much loved sweets to a postal partner they have picked by chance.

I am sending my chocolate treats to Sandra in Kerry, I wonder what I’ll receive from her.


Morning Glory

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The sun was still rising, when I could see the beauty of the Universe in a single blade of grass and it all made sense. Wishing you all a glorious day.

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