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They call it the gold of the Baltic Sea, but in fact it is fossilized tree resin.

Because it originates as a soft and sticky tree resin, amber sometimes contains animal and plant material as inclusions, giving us a look back in time, natural amber can be millions of years old.

It comes in different colours too from white, to yellow gold, brown, red, black and even  the very rare blue of the amber from the Dominican Republic.

One of the greatest mysteries involves amber the famous Amber Chamber/ Das Bernsteinzimmer, which was said to weigh more than 6 tons.

In 1716 it was given by the Prussian king Friedrich Wilhelm I. to his then ally Tsar Peter the Great of the Russian Empire.

It was looted during world war II. and then lost in the end of war chaos. The Question is: Was it destroyed when Koenigsberg Castle burned down, did it sink with the Wilhelm Gustloff, or is it still hidden somewhere… ┬ánobody knows the fate of this amazing piece of craftsmanship and history.

Eigse Festival Carlow

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Today is the official opening of the Eigse Festival in Carlow.

My display in the Visual got finished just in time.

sterling silver figures

Would you like to know about wire crochet?

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I’ll be in Good’s/ Kilkenny tomorrow 1-3 pm to demonstrate different Ideas how to use wire for decoration when knitted or crochet. How to make a necklace or simple ring. come along if you like to try.Image

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Spring is here!

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What beautiful weather we had today, restoring the promise of hope and sunshine.

All my plants in the garden are feeling abundant, with fresh green and lot’s of growth.

That’s how the mother ring grew the mother in the centre with children spinning around always busy, always fast, the mother grounds and centers herself and is ready for everything. Calming influence, nurturing, holding and fun.Image

Amethyst in flora

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Amethyst in flora

This is for you Edel, mother of pearl.

Happy New Year 2012

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ImageI made this necklace before Christmas, looking back on a Lady’s life, showing her some of her life’s achievements and including talents and soul gifts into the pendant.

It made me feel very happy, it felt like an amazing power pendant and it gave me the present of contentment and really looking forward to 2012.

Seeing all the little things, moments, gifts and passions that make up your special personality. Wishing you to embrace them and really live life to the full in love, health and happiness for 2012.

The Bull

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This piece 18ct gold Bull, on oxidized silver is a commission from my sister Doris, for her partners birthday and it is not Spain he loves, it is a certain type of Whiskey, can you guess which?
Alles Gute zum Geburtstag Max.
Wir haben gestern ein Eis auf dein Wohl gegessen, hoffe der Stier war nicht in Kampf Stimmung und deinem Kopf geht es heute gut. Alles Liebe F&Co.

Ringlein erzaehl mir …

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Pale Amethyst and sunset Tourmaline what do you feel?

When the Heart is open the Lotus will blossom

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