I was a 70th Brooch

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I like to highlight a very important part of my work today.

Reuse, Recycle, Remake.

Using your old jewellery, the precious heirlooms from your auntie on your mother’s side the one you have never worn, or broken chains, to small rings, anything preferably hallmarked. I can smelt it down and make something amazing solid, something pretty, beautiful out of it.

Something special, that is just for you. With the added bonus it is totally safe gold, fair trade, you have decluttered the house and can look forward to a new sparkling piece of jewellery. I can work in the gemstones from the old jewellery or find a new one that matches your ideas, in my vast collection of natures treasures.

Find your old gold today and bring it up to date, like this 70th brooch is  now a 2012 pendant. Happy End.

Pendant necklace from recycled brooch.

Bridges to Terabithia

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You are now first to see the freshly harvested exhibition pieces for this years Art’s Week, Kilkenny. Made by Hand.

An heirlooms journey

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An heirlooms journey,


This is the story of a ring.

A ring, that was given as a wedding promise, a promise of infinite love, worn through this brides, this young woman’s life until later in life, where she took to wearing her husbands ring, still infinite and round.

After she was swept away by her destiny, she would take with her the husbands ring treasuring their love, until they would meet again.

Her ring, that was left behind, was also treasured and kept by her husband in the dark depth of the safe vault, only looked at occasionally.

The pain of happy memories and lost opportunities was faced, now only the constant rise of the gold price marvelled at, Gold as a commodity, soulless and cold. It was only a ring, but the warm loving late wife stayed with him, like a jewel in his heart.

Years passed, now it was the husband’s time to say goodbye to life, leaving this earth. And the way it is when circumstances change. The mother’s ring became very important, for it was all that was left, holding the eternal love between lovers, all that had been close, all the love of their parents.

So the four glorious daughters decided to share the ring in 4 equal quarters. Each daughter also chooses a gemstone intuitively, the wish of her soul, to fashion the unique gift and memory of her parents.

It took four month for the time to be right and the inspiration to be fluid, with spirals healing the cuts, infinity making room in the now. Ancestors passing on miracles through time and space. All contracts resolved all pain healed, Fairies helped to keep the magic flow, all pendants were finished at the brightest, longest day in the year. Summer Solstice. Now as the lovers dance continues in the heavens, the jewels happily sitting together, holding the light and love for the daughters to wear, awaiting the great day, when we meet again as sisters celebrating being part of this amazing Universe.

Sharing our gifts and laughter and infinite love.

Die Reise eines Erbstücks,


Dies ist die Geschichte eines Ringes. Ein Ring der als ein Hochzeitsversprechen gegeben wurde, ein Versprechen unendlicher Liebe, Getragen über das Leben einer  Braut einer jungen Frau, bis später in ihrem Leben, als sie den Ring ihres Mannes trug, immer noch unendlich und rund.

Nachdem sie genommen wurde von ihrem Schicksal, nahm sie ihres Mannes Ring mit sich, zum Zeichen ihrer geschätzten Liebe, bis sie sich wieder treffen würden.

Ihr Ring, der zurückblieb wurde auch sehr von ihrem Ehemann geschätzt und in der tiefen Dunkelheit des Gewölbes verschlossen im Safe aufbewahrt nur gelegentlich beschaut.

Dem Schmerz der glücklichen Erinnerungen und der verlorenen Gelegenheiten wurde ins Auge gesehen, nun war es nur noch der konstante Anstieg des Goldpreises der bewundert wurde. Gold als eine Wertanlage, seelenlos und kalt. Es war nur ein Ring, doch die warme, liebende, verstorbene Frau war bei ihm, wie ein Juwel in seinem Herzen.

Jahre vergingen, nun war es Zeit für den Ehemann auf Wiedersehen zum Leben zu sagen, diese Erde zu Verlassen. Und wie es so ist wenn sich Umstände ändern. Bekam dieser Ring, der Ring der Mutter sehr wichtig. Er war alles was übrig blieb, er hielt die immerwährende Liebe zweier Liebenden, alles was nah war, all die Liebe ihrer Eltern.

Die vier wunderbaren Töchter entschieden sich, den Ring in gleiche Viertel zu teilen. Jede Tochter suchte sich dazu intuitiv einen Stein aus, der Wunsch ihrer Seele, das einzigartige Geschenk und Erinnerung an ihre Eltern zu wirken.

Es brauchte Vier Monate, bevor die Zeit richtig war und die Inspiration floss, mit Spiralen, welche die Schnitte heilten. Unendlichkeit machte Platz im Jetzt. Ahnen reichen Wunder durch Zeit und Raum. Alle Verträge aufgelöst alle Schmerzen geheilt.

Die Feen halfen die Magie fließen zu lassen, alle Anhänger waren fertig zum hellsten und längsten Tag des Jahres. Sommersonnenwende. Nun führt sich der Tanz der Liebenden im Himmel fort. Der Schmuck sitzt glücklich zusammen, hält das Licht und die Liebe für die Töchter bereit. Erwartet den großen Tag, wenn wir uns  als Schwestern wieder sehen und feiern, Teil dieses erstaunlichen Universums zu sein. Unsere Talente teilen und Miteinander lachen, grenzenlose Liebe fließt.


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They call it the gold of the Baltic Sea, but in fact it is fossilized tree resin.

Because it originates as a soft and sticky tree resin, amber sometimes contains animal and plant material as inclusions, giving us a look back in time, natural amber can be millions of years old.

It comes in different colours too from white, to yellow gold, brown, red, black and even  the very rare blue of the amber from the Dominican Republic.

One of the greatest mysteries involves amber the famous Amber Chamber/ Das Bernsteinzimmer, which was said to weigh more than 6 tons.

In 1716 it was given by the Prussian king Friedrich Wilhelm I. to his then ally Tsar Peter the Great of the Russian Empire.

It was looted during world war II. and then lost in the end of war chaos. The Question is: Was it destroyed when Koenigsberg Castle burned down, did it sink with the Wilhelm Gustloff, or is it still hidden somewhere…  nobody knows the fate of this amazing piece of craftsmanship and history.

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Junes favourite stone is Garnet

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Now Garnet is the birthstone for January, but this month all I seem to do is Garnet jewellery, the nation is getting grounded. Garnet is a great stone for the base chakra. Helping you to stay centered and bring passion into your life.

This ring and necklace were upcycled the Diamonds and the ring stone taken from old jewellery of the costumer and made into this new set with a fresh design. I was particular happy to have a garnet that matched the ring stone, to match coloured stones is not always easy or even possible.

Let the passion flow.

The Bull

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This piece 18ct gold Bull, on oxidized silver is a commission from my sister Doris, for her partners birthday and it is not Spain he loves, it is a certain type of Whiskey, can you guess which?
Alles Gute zum Geburtstag Max.
Wir haben gestern ein Eis auf dein Wohl gegessen, hoffe der Stier war nicht in Kampf Stimmung und deinem Kopf geht es heute gut. Alles Liebe F&Co.

Colourful Opal

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Here some Opal pieces, Opal is very brittle and a bit sensitive to heat and sun light, but it’s amazing colours make it one of my favourite stones, natures creativity at it’s best.

Spirit Sun Citrin

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Keep your spirit high and let the sun shine from your heart.

Happy Halloween

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Today the veils between the worlds are very faint, take time to meditate, find help and inspiration from your ancestors and angels.

For me October brought a big clearing of the second orange chakra, I celebrate my new expanded self with pumpkin soup and move on to the yellow, bringing creativity into direction, letting the sun shine from within.

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