Friederike’s dream

November 5, 2009 at 11:48 | Posted in diamonds, gemstones, gold | 3 Comments

very-berry-ring18ctgoldThe Dream

A Fairy Queen came to me last night, swirling whirling surrounded by shiny sparkling dust, she planted a seed in my dream, to grow a tree a magic tree that holds more than a thousand gems like fruits to pick, Gemstones with colours and shapes to resonate with each soul on earth.

I can see the precious metal and design that surrounds and embeds each stone jumping off the tree one at the time magically coming through my hand into our reality. The newborn Jewels are flowing into the here and now singing the song of life, freeing humanity from all burdens and welcoming the receiving one into living their dream on earth.

Being part of that promise, jewellery just manifests before my eyes so many designs, all different all so unbelievably beautiful I am in awe with the gracefulness of each composition some simple some pieces very in tricked  some strong bold shapes others filigree and light like the fairy queen herself.

This tree will stay in my heart were it will be nurtured until you are ready.

Trust for your piece is there, waiting to be picked by you from that magic tree. It could move you a step or a 1000 miles, but be sure to come closer to equilibrium, happiness, in your life and that of earth.

Nature and the fairy kingdom waited for that moment a long time, wake up and take care of yourself, listen to the flow of a river, the flow of life.

And see the Fairy Queen watering the magic tree with golden stars of the heavens firmament, feel the abundance and the alluring beauty of all life.


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  1. What a beautiful piece Friederike. I’m sitting here with sparkles in my heart. Your bolg and Website are incredible bringing us all into the magic and depth of space and beauty.Thank you. x eavan

    • Thank you Eavan, it’s only a mirror of yourself sparkleing beauty. xo F

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